The Complete Archive – SALE OVER

NOTE: This sale is now over. I’m leaving the page and website active as I’m still working through a payment issue from earlier.

Available until February 18th. Please download it ASAP as I’ll be removing the archive a few weeks after that date.

I’ve been making sissy hypno and PMVs since 2017 and I am now moving on to other things.

I was most well known as the creator behind SissyHypnoClub, racking up about 25 million views before that account was banned. Then I switched to SissyHeat, before that account was caught in the purge at around 7 million.

Since then, I’ve been making content as RucaBel, signified by the bumper and watermark. Most of these videos were posted on Twitter or other tube sites. This archive is EVERY VIDEO I’ve ever made.

Some of the videos are in a compressed form or not the original file, as other helped me recover some of them, but every hypno and PMV is here. (The only exception is two softcore youtube videos that were not uploaded prior to deletion)

Total archive size is 109GB. Folder breakdown:

  • SissyHypno – 79.3 GB – all the sissy hypno content made since 2017
  • PMVs – 5.6 GB – every PMV of all time, made with sissies in mind
  • Slut Hypno – 7.72 GB – short-lived pivot to a more broader range of hypno projects before I reached my limit making this type of content. The Self Care Slut hypno I’m still proud of. Other items in the folder are unique and intense compilations but not exactly hypnos.
  • Ruca GIFs – 1.15 GB – This may or may not be every gif I’ve made, but it’s a lot of them.
  • My Audio -13.59 GB – This is audio I wrote the script for, was ready by Google Synthesizer, and from there I did some production. One or two were never used in a project. The high file size is largely because of multiple versions of the BBC bimbo hypno. Maybe you’ll like an earlier version better?
  • Misc. – 1.95 GB – Main attraction here is a BBC POV trifold compilation. Otherwise it’s short random things that didn’t fit elsewhere.

All product images are from the archive and what to expect after your purchase.


1. You’ll be purchasing the link and decryption key for the archive that I’ll be sending manually to the email you provide when making your payment.

It sounds like you need the Mega app to download the archive on iOS, based on one users results. I couldn’t test this on iOS so please let me know if you have any issues with that.

2. Do not share this with anyone else. I’ll be monitoring usage and if people try to steal this content, I will change the decryption you received.

I made all this content and gave it away for years, but the final factor that made me walk away from all this was others taking my projects and monetizing them in a few different ways. I tolerated it for a while, but hit my limit on unpaid labor that was helping others get paid.

3. This is the final time I will be making the archive available. I will delete the Mega account once complete, and my local backups is already deleted.

I ask everyone who buys the archive to refrain from uploading ANY of the videos anywhere else for a complete year. After that point, do your thing.

However, never sell this content. And if you come across someone selling my content to you, please don’t buy it and maybe call them out.

Thank you!

With all that out of the way, I hope you enjoy these hypnos and other projects. I loved making them and it’s made me happy seeing them make other people happy, slutty, or even work through some stuff.

A massive thank you to everyone who’s supporting me with nice comments, shares, and likes over the years. I’d greatly appreciate if you can keep that going with monetary support before I fully walk away.

Payments will be processed manually through the options on the alternative payments method page.

There are no refunds on digital products. Please review the FAQ & support page if you have any questions or issues.