FAQ & Support

Note: I’m retaining the original page for previous purchases but some of this only applies to purchases made through the ecommerce site. New purchases must be made using the alternative payment methods.

I’m having issues downloading, what do I do?

Start by looking up your specific issue on Mega’s support site or just googling it. If you’re getting a notice about bandwidth, that might mean I need to upgrade the plan – use the support form below.

How will transactions look on my card or bank statements?

All payments on this site will show up as “RB-ORG” followed by numbers and letters. Alternative methods will vary so you should look into them beforehand.

Can I have a refund?

No. As a general rule on the Internet, there aren’t refunds for digital products. Beyond that, I’ve made it clear what you’ll be getting and if you have buyer’s remorse that’s on you.

What about my user data?

This entire website will be deleted once the sales period is up and all funds have been deposited into my account. Each individual processor has their own data collection and handling policies, so you should look into those beforehand. I’ve set every option I can to collect the bare minimum amount of data.

What’s all this about shipping?

Everything here is a digital product but WooCommerce is built for shipping things. I’ve configured and changed what I can, but you’ll still shipping mentioned someplaces. If you’re using the built-in payment method, it needs your billing address. Otherwise there’s no charges for shipping ever, I just can’t remove the word everywhere.

Contact and Support

If you have any other issues please use this form to contact me. Read all of the above and if it’s a technical issue with the cloud storage, please start with their documention.